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Beat Procrastination
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Beat Procrastination: An End To All Your Woes

Since humans have been there, procrastination has also been there. It is probably the sole reason that pushes students not to pay the sort of attention they should pay, as they consider delaying and prolonging matters the better choice, due to the mere sense of lethargy that engulfs them. Procrastination is simply the reason for a student’s lack of interest, as they lack the motivation, the motivation or the enthusiasm to pull through the disturbances that crowd their space.


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Follow through to comprehend how to put an end to your incessant need to procrastinate.


  • Small Steps: Individuals are most certainly not asked to take huge steps, as small and deliberated steps taken in the right direction can yield favourable results. By taking small steps, you eventually pull yourself closer to the larger goal at play, which further pushes you to keep continuing.


  • Visualise Your Sentiments: Sometimes merely visualising your result can push you to take the much-needed step. Owing to this reason, visualise how you’ll feel when you get done with a task and take into consideration that you’ll pull yourself closer to your eventuality.


  • Watch Motivational Videos: Watch visual and written content that can motivate you enough, as you can find any strand of information that you can hang yourself onto. Listen to TED talks, understand and try to learn from the experience of others, remember to push yourself and make it a point to extract a grain of inspiration from each person you meet, as most people have one prominent feature about themselves.


  • Clear Out Your Distractions: There is no point in attempting to complete a task when disturbances and unnecessary interferences surround you. Owing to this reason, clear out your space, remove any element that breeds clutter, eliminate the use of social media platforms, and make certain to make your workstation free of undue noises, as this merely aggravates your ability to procrastinate.


  • Follow A Task List: By planning matters and by having a task list mapped out, students can beat the need to procrastination, as they’ll have a schedule to follow and complete. Hence, set yourself a routine, as then you’re most unlikely to falter.


  • Compartmentalise: Don’t ever think of doing the entire task in one go, as that’ll demotivate you. For this reason, break your tasks into smaller components, as then you’ll be able to avoid the urge to procrastinate.


  • Set Yourself A Timer: Make it a point to set yourself a timer, as a deadline and a limit can push you to inch closer to your eventual goal.