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Top five strategies to prepare for online exams

As COVID-19 cases started surging all over the world, health officials suggested maintaining social distancing to flatten the curve and prevent the virus from spreading. Many schools and colleges have been shut down, and all the academic activities are shifted to online platforms. Professors had to re-outline the entire course according to the online syllabus […]

8 Ingenious Tips to Avoid Procrastination

John is a university-goer who takes his studies and career seriously. However, he miserably fails at achieving any significant development in any aspect of his life. What does he do wrong? He procrastinates like many other students. Whether it is the essay submission or a meeting at his company, John always works on these tasks […]

7 Tips That Promote Healthy Communication

Do you feel that every time you open your mouth, you end up saying the wrong words? Do you plan an entire conversation in your head but stumble and stutter when you say it out loud? Communicating with other people can be extremely difficult if you are an introvert, but unfortunately, this skill is required […]

What to Do When the Universe Is Working Against You

“This world is a prison, and you are sentenced for life.”   If you are doing everything right, but you are still unhappy, tensed and stressed out, then the universe is conspiring against you. There is nothing you can do but stay strong and positive, while all the cosmological forces throw curveballs at you. The […]

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Beat Procrastination: An End To All Your Woes

Since humans have been there, procrastination has also been there. It is probably the sole reason that pushes students not to pay the sort of attention they should pay, as they consider delaying and prolonging matters the better choice, due to the mere sense of lethargy that engulfs them. Procrastination is simply the reason for […]

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The Behavioural Socialising Of Children

When it comes to socialising and cultivating habits within children, then the responsibility solely falls upon the shoulders of the adults that surround them. The adults in the life of the child are responsible for shaping their opinions, are accountable for moulding their personality, for providing them with the sense of balance they require and […]

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Don’t Be Ashamed to Get Scholarship Assignment Help

“You are applying for a scholarship! You need to write your assignment yourself!” How many times have people come up with such remarks? Probably, more than the times you can keep a record of and since it is not valid, it is ironic. A scholarship writing assignment is all about showcasing what makes you eligible […]

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How To Plan Assignment Submission On Time?

Often, the time estimated to complete the assignment is miscalculated. You may overestimate your abilities to complete the project overnight and fail at the attempt. This can lead to multiple panic episodes, intense anxiety and frequent crying spells, which further hinder the ability to complete the task. As a result, it is always recommended for […]

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Some General Writing Tips for Homework or Assignment

Anyone stepping into the premises of university can confirm the excessive academic pressures endured by the students. Such stresses are written all over students’ faces, and their nervousness is reflected through their actions. This is because they have a lot on their plate to complete and time usually acts as their opponent in the academic […]

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How to Check Plagiarism in Your Assignments

Technology innovation has enabled students to retrieve information from any corner of the world. This has allowed students to formulate top-class assignments in the short span of time. However, this does not mean that students are entitled to copy and paste the readily available information in their assignment. The said practice is known as plagiarism, […]