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Top five strategies to prepare for online exams

As COVID-19 cases started surging all over the world, health officials suggested maintaining social distancing to flatten the curve and prevent the virus from spreading. Many schools and colleges have been shut down, and all the academic activities are shifted to online platforms. Professors had to re-outline the entire course according to the online syllabus […]

8 Ingenious Tips to Avoid Procrastination

John is a university-goer who takes his studies and career seriously. However, he miserably fails at achieving any significant development in any aspect of his life. What does he do wrong? He procrastinates like many other students. Whether it is the essay submission or a meeting at his company, John always works on these tasks […]

7 Tips That Promote Healthy Communication

Do you feel that every time you open your mouth, you end up saying the wrong words? Do you plan an entire conversation in your head but stumble and stutter when you say it out loud? Communicating with other people can be extremely difficult if you are an introvert, but unfortunately, this skill is required […]

What to Do When the Universe Is Working Against You

“This world is a prison, and you are sentenced for life.”   If you are doing everything right, but you are still unhappy, tensed and stressed out, then the universe is conspiring against you. There is nothing you can do but stay strong and positive, while all the cosmological forces throw curveballs at you. The […]

Why is Technical Education Important?

All our lives, teachers and counsellors work together to make us eligible for college. Many students find out later that higher education involving an undergraduate degree is not something they want to pursue. So what is the other option? In today’s world, technical education is extremely important to make financial ends meet. While professions like […]

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Not Getting All That You Want From Your Life? Take These Steps

Dissatisfaction, failure, and regret are emotions every person has encountered in their lives. However, if the consequences derived from these emotions exceed the resilience of a person, they need to be addressed. Healthier alternatives for these feelings need to be provided to the person experiencing them, as a person cannot stay in a constant state […]

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Struggling With Your Day To Day Life? Here Are A Few Tips That Can Help Relieve That Stress

An online poll conducted by the Mental Health Foundation’s 2018 study summarised, “In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.” Such is the hold of anxiety and stress on our generation that it has become exceedingly hard to deal with it. The modern-day competitiveness, […]