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Five best tips for surviving exams season and meeting Assignment Deadlines

Often while studying, when one minor distraction deviates your attention, you end up wandering in your own imaginative space where you are a superhero saving the world, or you’re getting ready for a prom date!

Well, you are not alone on this! We have all been through similar situations! It’s really hard to focus on one thing, especially when you are loaded with a ton of final projects and exams preparation.

Juggling with exams preparation, meeting deadlines and writing research projects is a difficult task. Final days of semesters are nothing but a burden. No matter how crucial this stage would be, if you can’t manage your deadlines, then there is a snowball’s chance in hell for you to pass the semester!

When the clouds of exams are already hovering over your head, and the storm of final projects is about to hit, it’s better to prepare yourself with necessary adjustments to avoid the damage. It would be really tempting to bury your head in the ground and forget that they even exist, but this isn’t something we would recommend doing!

We’ve teamed up with the Best Assignment Writing Service to bring you some tips about surviving the final days of semesters.


  • Make a schedule and stick to it!


Yes, we know what an old and conventional way it is to make schedules! Who on earth follows them anyway, right? Well, organized and smart students do and you should too! As the old cliché states that “failing to plan is planning to fail! Make sure to create a study plan before you dive into your books or assignments. Following a to-do-list might look like going on a wild goose chase at the beginning, but you will realise that prioritizing things on the list can help you manage your workload a whole lot easier!

Divide the time of your day according to the deadlines of the assignments and subjects. In this way, you will keep track of how much time you should dedicate to each task and which assignment you need to complete first. We are not asking you to go on a study marathon because we know it’s pretty difficult. So, take as many breaks you want in your day, but make sure they are not too many!


  • Start working on assignments early!


No rule book says doing assignments at the last minute will make you a crackerjack! Your teacher must have assigned the final projects two or three weeks earlier, so make sure to utilise this time productively! Assignments with long deadlines are usually for in-depth research projects that require proper planning and time management. Such assignments can’t be done at the last minute! So if you are procrastinating and keeping it for the last day, you are not playing with a full deck! Start working on those assignments one or two weeks earlier and lessen your workload.


  • Avoid all possible distractions!


Your house or dorm room may have thousands of distractions such as a loud annoying roommate or house members, background TV noise, or mobile! You can’t really resist yourself from scrolling through social media after every five minutes. Even the bird’s nest outside your window can be highly distracting and you may end up staring at it for two good hours if you have to choose between that and your books.

You can inform your housemates to keep their volume as low as possible, or you can simply lock yourself in the room to avoid all the chaos outside! Organize your desk with fancy stationery, books, a mug of coffee, some snacks, a laptop and all the things you need to feel motivated!


  • Study in the University library


If your roommate is off their rocker and is not letting you concentrate on your work, then the simplest trick is to kick his ass out of the room! If this isn’t possible, then you can shift your study activities to the university library. The University library can be a great place to study as it is quiet and peaceful. This kind of calm environment can be enough to keep you motivated.


  • Join a study group with your friends


Group study can be both boon and a bane. Bane in the sense that there is a high chance of getting distracted by friends or ending up watching a movie instead of studying. It can be a boon too if your friends are serious and smart! They can be a useful source of help, especially when you are struggling with the assignments or having difficulty understanding the concepts. Planning specific days and times of group study is more likely to help you stick to the schedule and get the work done.

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