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Five Ways to Improve Concentration and Memory

Having a great memory is as important to students as it is for a magician not to reveal his tricks. When students forget everything they learnt five minutes before the exam, they feel not only angry but also anxious about the consequences. Having a bad memory effects your grades. It doesn’t matter how hard you studied or how smart you played. If your memory doesn’t support you on the day of the exam, the hard work is of no use to you.

The same goes for concentration. Do you take a chug of coffee before entering the lecture hall just so that you don’t miss an important detail about a subject? Does it always work in your favour? Caffeine can’t always do the trick on its own. To increase your concentration.skills, an entire change in the lifestyle is required.

There are several examples noticeable in daily life where you would face problems because of your serious dissociation tendencies. You’d be attending the entire lecture attentively until your teacher would start solving the math equation and your mind would remind you of that one time your friend said something rude to you. Dissociation is common. However, it is important to deal with it effectively. Otherwise, it can compel you to acquire assignment help UK every time there’s homework because you missed an important detail mentioned during a lecture.

Hence, below are some clever techniques to help you stabilise concentration and elevate memory.

  • Eat less refined sugar

    Research has shown that consuming excessive sugar can lead to cognitive decline. A study was conducted on 4000 people in which the subjects were made to consume carbonated drinks and sugary soda regularly. After a thorough examination, it was conceived that their total brain volume was thinner and they had comparatively poorer memory from those who didn’t consume sugar so aggressively. Furthermore, cutting down sugar cannot only affect your memory but will also improve your overall health.

  • Consume Fish Oil Supplement

    The doctors keep emphasising on the significance of a fish oil supplement. Every individual should include it as a daily dosage in their diet as it offers a variety of benefits. To begin with, Fish Oil capsules are great for your eyesight, skin, and hair. They reduce the risks of heart diseases as well as decrease inflammation in the body.

    Now that the physical advantages are mentioned let’s come down to the main deal. One of the reasons why students suffer academically is that they suffer from anxiety and chronic stress. This hampers their concentration as well as memory. Hence, by regularly consuming these capsules, you can monitor your stress levels. Moreover, it influences your ability to concentrate and memorise things.

  • Meditate

    The first rule of meditation is to live in the present moment. It is a unique technique that promises several benefits. By regularly practising mindfulness and by doing meditation or yoga, you allow your body to relax. Research has indicated that when you do so, you increase the grey matter in your brain. This directly enhances your short-term memory.

  • Get enough sleep

    It cannot be emphasised enough that sleep is the most important part of your life. Due to the hectic routine and hedonistic lifestyle, students get minimum hours of sleep at night. This results in several unhealthy physical changes like bags under the eyes and weight gain. Additionally, it impacts their mood and ability to concentrate and remember things. Without sleep, they feel drained out and overworked. However, when students get at least 8 hours of undistracted sleep at night, their brain feels happy and satisfied. Therefore, give your brain the rest it needs. Otherwise, even five cups of coffee in the morning wouldn’t guarantee alertness.

  • Regularly get exposure to greenery

    Green is an extremely peaceful colour that eases your mind and helps you relax. Hence, if you find yourself overly stressed out and unable to focus, bring in some green in your room or go out for a walk around campus. Students who regularly get exposure to greenery are far more relaxed than the ones who’re not. Hence, go green to increase concentration.

  • Take a break from social media

    Social media is truly a curse when it comes to concentration and memory. It has developed a low-attention span in people who initially had good concentration abilities. Hence, the trick is to reduce the time spent on your phone. If you’re free, don’t scroll through your Instagram feed. Instead, pick up a book and read. By cultivating the habit of reading, you can increase your attention span as well as elevate your memory.

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