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How The Women Today Are Challenging The Disney Princesses’ Image?

Once upon a time when the Z generation was in the tot stage, they all enjoyed watching Disney’s classics. They all used to get inspired by the image of the princesses presented- the beautiful Belle, the hardworking Cinderella, the imaginative Ariel or the caring Snow White. These ladies had one thing in common, and that is the cruel circumstances.

These characters were presented as if the image of women is just about being appealing and showcasing certain good attributes. These tales didn’t quite deliver the glimpse of the women of this generation and, somewhat, the very same generation started raising questions that why these princesses were always portrayed helpless or dependent on the other being.

However, there was one outstanding production of the Walt Disney house, and that was the story of Mulan. Mulan battled her way and beat the stereotype image presented by the matchmaker who said: “You may look like a bride, but you will never bring your family honor!” Thankfully, Mulan didn’t let that take a toll on her and served in a war to proclaim victory. But there is still something wrong in this story plot, Mulan had to hide her identity, her true self!

Fortunately, the women today have sorted their way out and have produced a different version of feminine than the Disney Princesses. Disney also started with a little bit different stories. Most of their trailers could be found on YouTube, promoted by trusted partner – The Marketing Heaven. Some of the differences are listed below:

Pretty Doll: Pick any character of Disney tales, all the female characters were presented as very ladylike- the hourglass figure, the big sparkling eyes, the beautiful hair or the smooth skin. All those features were the reason that attracted the opposite gender or animals (pun intended). Seriously, no girl had a female buddy in these tales.

The generation today is least bothered if their friend has the penicillin doll persona or not. People today are only interested befriending people that are pure by heart and the one that they can count on. So, if someone doesn’t quite meet that criterion, they don’t get all crazy like the Snow White’s stepmother or the Cinderella’s stepsisters.

Caged in a Castle: Seriously, why the girls in these tales were portrayed helpless creatures that were isolated in a castle or some house? In this modern era, the girls know what they are capable of and there is absolutely nothing that can hold them back. As per the record, most writers of the best assignment writing service UK are females which means they know how to fly high without any setbacks.

Being Naïve: Sorry but not sorry, the girls today are not unworldly; they know what to do and how to do it. So the evil witches, who played with the minds of such innocent princesses, will get a hard beating for their actions by the girls of this generation.

Prince Charming Needed: Literally this one speaks volumes about the desperation level; there are a lot of things to do in life than finding a suitable partner and that too a prince?! Why didn’t any princess marry an ordinary man? Well, Jasmine did marry Aladdin only after he became a prince with the help of Genie.

What do you need a prince for, after all? A luxurious lifestyle? Well, accept the apology Disney, the girls today are capable enough to make ample fortune for themselves and they are definitely not a gold-digger.

In short, the theme of classic stories of Disney always had a miserable female character that sought her way out by the help of a charming prince. However, millennial recognizing this relapse in such tales have urged Disney to change their course of thinking. The production fabricated the powerful queen character of Elsa in Frozen and the cute rebel Rapunzel in Tangled; therefore, the change is initiated plus accepted.