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Ten Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

Similar to any other form of art, writing is perfected through frequent practice. To become a good writer, the first step that you need to take is the intention to become a better writer. You can carry out the following initiatives to improve your writing skills:


1.      Read more

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Writing is entirely dependent on your ability to read and process the different writing styles presented in the paper. You can push yourself to read different genres of books, including fiction, non-fiction, creative writing, formal writing, and research paper writing. By making yourself familiar with these writing styles, you can ultimately integrate this art into your writing.

2.      Write everyday

Writing every day can help you take your skills to a superior level. You can dedicate an hour of your day to writing a paragraph, story or an assignment; this will allow you to exercise the creative muscle in your mind.

3.      Learn the art of planning

Knowing how to plan is an essential part of writing. You need to get familiar with the discipline required to plan an academic writing project. You are required to frame your plans while considering the time setting phase, the research phase, and the structuring style.

4.      Listen to audiobooks

If you don’t find the time to read in your busy routine, you can make time for audiobooks. Audiobooks can help you focus on the sentence structure of writing, which in turn can help you become a better writer.

5.      Research thoroughly

Researching contributes largely to the writing process.  As you have minimal time for projects during the weekdays of the university, you are required to learn intelligent ways to research your academic projects. For instance, rather than reading the entire research, you can research abstracts to save time.

6.      Learn to edit your work

The stage of editing is similar to putting a fresh coat of paint on the wall- it can elevate the existing wall.  The stage of editing should be carried out after the completion of each project. This will ensure that the written piece is in its optimal form before it is submitted.

7.      Think outside the box

Creativity in writing can elevate the whole piece. It is essential to examine the topic from each aspect and come up with a fresh perspective before writing on it.

8.      Work on your tone

The tone of writing varies from project to project. You are required to use the appropriate tone for the subject matter you are assigned to write on.

9.      Adapt to different writing styles

A good writer can write in any form. You can enhance your skills by challenging yourself to write different writing projects such as argumentative, creative or a descriptive essay.

10.  Enjoy the process

If writing is viewed as a job, you will never have the motivation to write daily. To do this, you are required to make the most of out the task and have fun with it!


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