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Top five strategies to prepare for online exams

As COVID-19 cases started surging all over the world, health officials suggested maintaining social distancing to flatten the curve and prevent the virus from spreading. Many schools and colleges have been shut down, and all the academic activities are shifted to online platforms. Professors had to re-outline the entire course according to the online syllabus and students have no option but to sit in front of the screens and learn!

Despite all the problems, the major concern for teachers is how are they supposed to grade students online? To their ease, online and Rubrics exams serve as a blessing in disguise, as no other alternative is yet to be found for testing the students online. As it is a concern for teachers, students are also having difficulty to wrap their heads around this novel concept of an examination.

What are the requisites to prepare for the online exam? How should time be managed for online exams? What things are required? Well, Best Assignment Help has all the answers to your queries. Scroll down and check out the top five strategies that will help you prepare for online exams.


  • Check your laptop/computer before the exam


Nothing can be more horrifying than turning on the computer or laptop just at the time of test, and discovering that the device is not working or have technical glitches. It’s better to double-check your PC or laptop before the test to make sure all the software is working fine.

In case of any glitches, borrow a laptop or any device from neighbors or your friend beforehand. Make sure to keep your laptop charger at proximity in case the battery runs low during the test.


  • Check your Wi-Fi and Internet Connection


A common problem that arises at the time of the test is a poor internet connection. So, check your internet connection beforehand and make sure you have all the bars of Wi-Fi signals on the laptop. Travel to an alternative Wi-Fi access point if need be. It’s better to arrange for a backup internet source ahead of your test instead of wasting your time feeling helpless.

We recommend you to open two separate browsers, one to perform the test, and another to search for information (only if you’re allowed to). In this way, you will reduce the risk of accidentally closing the test tab and possibly losing all the answers.


  • Make sure to read the test module


Your teacher might send you a test module via email or text before the exam. If you are planning to skip reading that module and take the test without it, then there is a high chance that you will look through the module at the time of the test and waste some minutes of your precious time. Make sure to read the module thoroughly before taking the online exam. In case of any confusion or problem, get in touch with your instructor and ask them for a solution. Go through the guidelines again and recheck the date and time of the exam. Can you use any time within a certain duration? How much time do you have to complete the exam? Go through all the additional guidelines and instructions to avoid any confusion.


  • Find a Good Spot to take the test


Studying at home is quite challenging when all the noisy housemates are barging and crashing outside your room. Especially when you are giving an online exam, you simply can’t afford to get distracted. So, make sure to reduce all the possible distractions like turn off the TV, set your phone on silent mode and avoid all the notifications.

In case of loud housemates, you can ask them to keep their volume down for some hours or lock yourself inside the room. Get your pets settled ahead of your test and find someone else to take care of them so you can proceed undistracted. Organize a good study environment around you for the test, gather all the things you will need, including stationery, notebook, pens, or calculator for solving mathematical problems or for writing down notes.


  • Keep Track of time


Online tests are usually clocked, so you should better keep track of your time! Divide your time for each question or task and perform the test accordingly. It’s better to set an alarm clock for 10 minutes prior to the deadline. In this way, you will know how much time is left to complete the test.

Online exams are not as easy as it may sound, one minor glitch and your whole exam will be doomed! So, make sure to prepare for all the backups in case of any possible mishaps during the exam.

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