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What to Do When the Universe Is Working Against You

“This world is a prison, and you are sentenced for life.”


If you are doing everything right, but you are still unhappy, tensed and stressed out, then the universe is conspiring against you. There is nothing you can do but stay strong and positive, while all the cosmological forces throw curveballs at you.

The notion that you are, in fact, the enemy of the universe can never be proven or disproven. However, you still have to cope with the difficulties that life sends your way. The following guide contains detailed tips on how you can deal with the setbacks that the universe flings at you.

Refresh your mind

Staying calm during the storm is not possible. When you go through a difficult time in your life, and a person tells you to calm down, you may want to punch them in the face. However, instead of resorting to violence, what you can do is refresh your mind enough so that you can take rational decisions. You can rejuvenate your mind by:

Performing breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can help you with the physiological changes in the body that are induced by stress. For instance, by practising deep breathing, you can lower your heart rate and control the trembling in your body.

Visualise your happy place

While breathing exercises control the physiological changes, visualisation of the happy place can help you reduce the high levels of stress. You can do this by thinking about a place, person or activity that calms you down. By closing your eyes and travelling to that situation, you can achieve your objective of reducing stress.

Take revenge on the universe

If the universe wants you to accept defeat, do not let it win. Instead, fight as much as you can to make sure that you do everything in your power to achieve your goals. If you are unable to come up with practical solutions for your stressors, resort to measures that you may not employ usually.

For instance, if you have been assigned a multitude of projects and there is limited time to complete them, you do not have to find time for each one. Instead, you can hire an assignment help service to divide your burdens.

Write a gratitude list

Even if your world is falling apart, your life is still better than most people. Think about all the wars, poverty and epidemics going on in the world. Think about all the people who have lost their loved ones, think about the individuals who cannot afford basic healthcare. Now reflect on your own life. It is much better than theirs.

This does not mean that your problems are not valid because they are. However, if you focus only on your negative issues, you may become overwhelmed by the stress that comes with it. Considering this, you can create a list of all the things that you are grateful for. This activity will induce feelings of optimism which can push you to get through the adverse day, week, or month.

Break the obstacles

The obstacles that are in your way will prevent you from moving forward until you either jump over them or break them. The latter option is more effective as by doing this, you would not have to struggle with the same obstacles again.

For instance, if your struggles are related to academics, and your obstacles are the incompetent teachers, you can break these obstacles by creating a strategy that will allow you to deal with this issue effectively. One solution for this issue can be to file a complaint against that teacher using credible evidence. You can videotape the lectures and show them to the appropriate authority as proof of the teacher’s incompetence. As a result, the instructor may get fired, and you would not have to deal with them again.

Do not complain until the issue is resolved

Ranting about the injustice in the world is a helpful way to deal with stress. However, when you are in crisis mode, avoid engaging in this act. This is because when you rant about your issues, you say your problems out loud. This makes the issue more real, and as a result, the problem starts to invoke more anxiety.

Additionally, when you talk about your problems, you naturally start to feel sorry for yourself. If you start throwing a pity party for yourself before you have solved the issues, you may run out of time to resolve them.

Keeping this in mind, make sure that you prevent yourself from complaining until you have found a solution to your problems.

Take baby steps

When the load of the burden becomes too hard to bear, take baby steps. Identify the problems which require urgent attention and deal with them first. If you are unable to find a solution, leave it and move onto the next issue.

Taking small but effective measures will help you resolve your problems completely. This will make sure that the same problem does not bother you in the future.


When the universe turns against you, you have to fight against it. Even if it drains all your energy, make sure that you do not give up. Remember, you are your only hope for survival!

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