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Why Questions Are More Important Than Answers

A man’s journey begins with a quest and soon enough transforms into several distinguished questions. The pursuit of finding the truth is an extremely rewarding and sublime experience. At the same time, it is equally terrifying and alarming. What if the answer is not what you expected?

The answer to some questions can sometimes change your reality and the way you perceive your surroundings. It can take you to an alien space which is out of your comfort zone.

What is the question?

Who are you? What is the purpose of your life? What matters to you the most? These are some philosophical queries that serve as foundational bricks to your life. It isn’t always necessary to question when you’re faced with an existential crisis. Questions can be simple and complicated, and they can be good and bad. They can lead you to an answer, or they can give rise to more questions. They can help you solve problems and they can even create more.

Viewing the significance of questioning in different cultures

When it comes to discussing the significance of questioning, it should be realised that cultures are separated based on this. While the individualistic cultures promote the act of questioning, collectivistic cultures tend to shut them down and label it as an act of rebellion. Due to this reason, children growing up in collectivistic nations are repressed and scared of being judged. When they enter the real world, they have to make additional efforts to adjust and succeed. They are constantly afraid that their supervisors would take a negative course of action if they ask for too much.

Why ask questions?  

Psychology asserts that children should be encouraged to question uninhibitedly as that’s the only way they’ll learn about themselves and the world they live in. Without asking questions, they’ll be stuck in a rut with no way out. Whether it is understanding; how the world started or whether or not an iPhone is better than an android phone, the first approach must be to ask a question.

What role do answers play?

Although answers are pivotal and without them, we wouldn’t know anything; it is the questioning that leads us to enlightenment. If you didn’t know what to ask in the first place, how would you even get to the answer? It is rightly said that questions are half the wisdom. Of course, we can’t all sit under a tree and wait for the apple to hit us. Similarly, stumbling upon answers can only happen once in a blue moon and discoveries and inventions are not attained by accident.

Another reason why questioning is better than answering is that questions are designed to expose, whereas answers are simply temporary responses. They can be challenged, negotiated, and altered over time. Obviously, questions can also be altered and challenged. However, that leads to more questions, not answers. Moreover, bad questions are comparatively difficult to answer as opposed to good questions. Questions are a means to enhance learning and growth. So, when you ask questions, it means that you understood something, which is the first sign of learning.

What is the difference between good and bad questions?

Now you must be wondering the difference between a good and a bad question. A good question is supposed to trigger thinking. It comes naturally to you and is targeted to inquire more to clarify something or understand more. On the contrary, bad questions are obscure and can increase your doubts and confusion. They can hinder your thinking and result in a dead-end. Furthermore, they can lead to a pathway of uncertainty, which is good at times but not great.

Now you must be wondering if abstract thinking would be considered bad questioning. No, those are rhetorical questions that are functioned for effect. On the one hand, they assess your existing knowledge, while on the other, they help extend it.

Questions in the world today

Having the courage to ask questions is lacking in many people nowadays, as everyone wants to sound smart. When a student tries to ask questions in a classroom setting, he or she is immediately made a victim of bullying by the batch-mates. Due to the fear cultivated within them as a counter-response, students begin to acquire assignment help online by hiding behind the computer screen as opposed to directly seeking assistance from the course instructor in class. This is threatening to our existence as questions are important for evolution. They not only increase understanding in our life but also lead to fundamental inventions and discoveries.

As ironic as it may seem, this blog will leave you with a question: What do you think will happen if we all, collectively, stopped asking questions?

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