Privacy Policy

Not only are we the best at providing excellent written academic work to clients, but we are also the best at keeping your personal information safe. To ensure that the anonymity of our clients is maintained, we have a strict privacy policy to keep everything in check. However, because we wish to ensure that the personal details of all clients always stay secure, we would strictly advice all clients to thoroughly read and understand the privacy policies stated below, before placing an order with us.

Once an order is placed it is assumed that the client has read and agreed to all the terms and conditions stated. All clients should also understand that the privacy policy may be updated, or changed at any time without any prior notification. Once updated, the latest version will be available for viewership on the website. It is, therefore, advisable to stay up to date with all updates and changes on the official website.

Collection of Information:

Clients are periodically asked for credentials such as name, phone number, address and email address. This is part of our security check to better maintain the integrity of our users.

Protection of Client Information:

Under the Data Protection Act, that we strictly adhere to, all personal information of all users is maintained in a secure place. No information is shared, exchanged or provided to any other third party. However, in the case that the law demands any information regarding any client, the organisation will be obliged to provide it to the respective authorities.

Website Viewership Information:

For the sole reason of providing better-customised services, we track down our user’s IP address to get an approximate location of the user. We also store information of what the user views on our website for the same reason; in order to enable us to provide better-customised services.

Communicating Information of Products and Services:

We have a large range of products and services which are all displayed for viewership on our website. We do communicate information regarding new products and services through methods that include short messages, emails or phone calls. The user has the liberty to choose whichever method is most suitable for them.

Access to personal Information:

To maintain the security of all of the clients’ personal information, we do not divulge any information to any third party. Clients can demand and obtain a record of all of their information from us. To do this, the user must simply submit an official email to our legal department. For the sake of security and to check the integrity of the person demanding the information questions may be asked to confirm the identity of the user before the information is handed.

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Assignment Help On Web offers quality academic writing assistance through its experienced personnel. However, students, under no given circumstances, can submit our assistance as their original work.

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